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Accepting orders till 13th June only!
Get FREE Bird Hoop Earrings with all orders of Rs 3500 and above


Be sure to place your order before 12 o’clock today to get a pair of our most loved bird hoop earrings as a free gift.

Customer Reviews

what some of our most recent customers had to say about us

First time customer here. I just had a really great experience with Zara. I messed a few things up with my first-time buyer discount code as well as my address. Zara came to the recuse and not only did she fix everything but she was really patient and helpful! It’s just nice to have an experience like the one I just had so close to Eid. I’ll be back because of this alone. Thank you!

Zarmina Khan
I am new to OMG Jewelz, and right from the start received amazing customer service from OMG Jewelz. I cannot wait for my beautiful new pieces to arrive! I have a feeling I’ll be back to treat myself to something lovely again very soon.

Mehwish Syed
The best customer service ever!!! I love your products and you always do everything you can to make your customers happy. I’m a customer for life!

Just recieved my Eid Bundle, arrived on time and i’m totally loving it. Will definatley shop again after Eid.

Momina Maqsood


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